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    He is SUCH a boy!

    There are many things G does that I can fully see myself in. And then there are others that I just don’t know where they come from. Take his latest car toy interest. S got a big box of his own childhood toys this week-end. In the bunch was a set of small toy cars that G immediately took to. He just knew what they were and what to do, and has been “driving” them around tables, chairs and couches since then. S didn’t show him how to play with them, and I can promise you I certainly didn’t!


    I wonder if they have little toy cars in daycare.

    4 responses to “He is SUCH a boy!”

    1. Emeraldwednesday says:

      T is obsessed with wheels. I certainly didn’t cultivate that (not that I mind though). I think there are more inborn “boy” things than I used to believe!

    2. Rebecca says:

      Wait, are these G’s first vehicle toys? seriously?

      James started pointing out trucks and helicopters so young, and I swear it was with no prompting… but then Heidi couldn’t care less, she was all about clothes and baby dolls. I read an interesting article about how they gave baby gorillas toys to play with and the girl gorillas played with dolls and the boy gorillas with trucks.

      Is there a pic in this post? There’s a space, but no pic.. I feel like I’m missing out on some cuteness

    3. Grammie says:

      I was hoping you would give him the tomahawk to play on the coffee table. S spent hours and hours playing with those matchbox cars. We even had a rug that was a liitle town with roads on it.

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