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    G’s zoo menagerie

    I scored a very well kept Lego Duplo Zoo set off the local mom’s club this week-end. Man, I love this club!

    While G is still figuring out how to put the blocks together on his own (aligning the nubs actually really IS a skill), he’s been getting some help from S and I. G in this particular case is the foreman and architect directing us, worker bees, to how he wants his structure to look.

    His main priority: get every single block and animal on the structure. He was not happy until every last piece was secured before him. What resulted was a structure taller than he, and he was THRILLED!!!

    To celebrate the end of construction, G ran to his toy bins, got out his biggest ball and proceeded to demolish his zoo menagerie. Seriously. Until the whole thing lay leveled to the ground he kept aiming the ball at it. S and I were laughing hysterically meanwhile to see that he invested all this hard labor and direction just to play Griffin-zilla.

    I have a feeling G will really enjoy tickets to a good demolition in his future.

    One response to “G’s zoo menagerie”

    1. Grandma says:

      This is so COOL!Love it!
      He is an architect already.

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