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    G’s first masterpiece

    G has now produced his first masterpiece. S brought this home from daycare the other day.

    I saw the flower, and G’s name on the pot and thought “Oh, how nice, G has his very own planted flower”. And then I saw it – G’s first drawing was surrounding the pot. Oh the use of color (purple with just a touch of green), the amorphous shapes, the meaning behind the negative space, the choice of medium (marker. confident)…

    G’s an artistic genius don’t you think?

    All jest aside, I’m surprised I never thought to put G down with some big ole’ construction paper and a marker in hand. It’s fun and as long as I don’t pull out the finger paints, we have a shot of keeping it clean too. My mom saved every drawing I ever did for a long time. I remember a huge pile of randomly sized paper with evolving scrabbles in our home. She framed a few of my better early “pieces” for me this year and it’s been good to have them around. I’d like to be able to do something similar for G (actually my plan is to scan in all his work and then print them in a book, annually) so that he’ll see himself grow as an artist over time too.

    Either way, hurray for baby art.

    2 responses to “G’s first masterpiece”

    1. erin says:

      That was really cute! G’s first project!!!
      You should get some of those “invisible” markers that only show up on special paper-those are great! (As I look aroudn my parents house and see my neice’s “art project” crayon covered (literally) walls and closets, and stickered cabinets…

    2. Lizz says:

      I think I’m in love with your DCP!

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