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    G – the smart cookie

    As of about two weeks ago, every once in awhile you’d overhear G mumbling and reciting things to himself that sounds like “G, F, P, T”. At first S and I looked at each other perplexed: “Is he saying the alphabet?” I mean, it sure sounded like it. Then I asked Ms. J if they’ve been doing the alphabet at school. Sure enough, they’d been singing the alphabet song a lot, which is neat. Of course in G’s mind, F & G come after P, but you know… neat.

    Then last week something weird happened.

    When I dropped G off at school, I let him walk through the parking lot. On the side of the playground fence, there’s a big sign that lists the school name, their open hours and number. Well, G stops at the sign, points to the P in Puma, and says “P!”. Then he points to the “O” in “Open:” and says “O!” Here is where mommy’s eye brows get raised and she’s getting ready to have a mild heart-attack. Luckily, he then pointed to the letter “E” and said “P!” again, which made me feel a bit better.

    But he’s doing more of this, and getting more of the letters correctly. This week (and I’m taking S’ word for this as I didn’t witness it myself), G spent some quality iPad game time on a letter recognition game and was getting most of them correctly.

    I’m proud… and scared. You see, I spell things out for S all the time. It’s my “secret code”. Original, no? You know… when you don’t want to say “smoothie” right before dinner in front of toddler years. Well, if this child is learning his letters before 2, what is he gonna do? Spell and ruin my top-secret encryption mechanisms at 3? I need a new secret code.

    Meanwhile, go G!

    One response to “G – the smart cookie”

    1. Rebecca says:

      Go G!

      Don’t worry too much. James has known his letters for 3 years and still can’t decode our secret code (which is strangely similar to yours). He’s getting close though, so we’ll need a new one soon.. maybe pig latin?

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