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    Last Saturday our local mall hosted a promotional event for the “Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That” show (on PBS). G is obsessed with Cat. He no longer cares for Monkey George, and Sesame Street is rarely requested. Cat on the other hand is demanded daily. S and I aren’t really shoppers, but by lucky accident we went to the mall the week prior and saw a poster for the event. So we kept it to ourselves (just so we didn’t have to listen to G go on for days about going to see Cat) and on Saturday morning, after our, now routine, muffin run, we headed to the mall. We got there early and the place was  already a zoo. There was a mob of people waiting for Cat… and just about no-one in line for Santa. At least we’re not the only family with that obsession.

    While in line G was telling us that he would ask Cat about his stinky socks (referenced in one of the episodes), but when it came to it, ultimately G was speechless when he saw is favorite character. Still he had a good time, and he likes looking back on these photos.

    G waiting, but waiting is hard, so he decided to start climbing the bench.

    Looking for Cat.

    Practicing High-5’s.

    Woa, Cat is tall

    The hero shot. Although I really don’t know what G’s facial expression is about.

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