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    Foto Friday

    Last Saturday we had a family fun day with A, R and R. We went to the East Bay (where we could meet in the middle) and had a fun time at the park. And by fun I mean everyone but G apparently. You see, the park had a fun water fountain, and while all the kids were loving to frolic around in the water, G decided that he wanted nothing to do with it. That’s right: on a hot day, my bath-time-splash-loving’ child wanted nothing to do with the water. It was like being at the beach again. Anytime you got G close to the water, he pulled up his feet. You’d swear he was ready to flip upside down and start climbing backwards. Now what kind of future swim champion does that, I ask?

    The Fountainhead (tee hee)

    “I said ‘Get me outta here’!”

    “Save me! Please?!?”

    “I’ll just applaud the others from my dry perch, ‘kay?”

    Little R

    R’s on the prowl

    R and his mama

    Upside down keessis

    3 responses to “Foto Friday”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      Great photos! He looks so cute in his hat and his pouty little face is adorable.

    2. Grammie says:

      S, I wish you would not turn him upside down!!!

    3. Christa says:

      It looks like you all had fun! I’m jealous:)

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