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    I started the footprints project last year, and now I have 3 sets of feet to look back at.

    I gotta say this year was definitely easier than last. I got him excited about fingerprints, and after that other body part (like his feet) were easy. The hardest part was getting him tired of the fingerprint pad and letting me put it away. We inked his and my palms, and he was gearing up to do my feet. Boy will that be a whole lotta ink!

    Isn’t it amazing how much his feet have grown in 2 years? It just strikes me to think of the size difference between G and his little brother.

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    1. […] Another set. I was impressed that I didn’t even have to prep G for it this year. He knew exactly what we were going to do and was pretty excited about it. I doubt it’s just from remembering from last year. He said they do footprints at school a lot. Either way, good news for me, because it makes this project easier. […]

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