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    Farts are funny… NOW

    You know, I’ve always been king of curious at what age farts become funny to boys. Well apparently that age is 15 months. During dinner tonight G must have decided to add some music to the ambiance and proceeded to produce some… out his rear. Hearing the tooting was apparently awesome because he immediately followed it up with a grin and a “ha ha” squeel.

    Now I wonder at what age he’ll start blaming it on others. We already have one barking spider following S. What are the chances our house will acquire a second?

    Yeah! Welcome to having boys!

    2 responses to “Farts are funny… NOW”

    1. Justina says:

      Hee hee, its always happening when you have boys! Right now, our baby’s farts scare our dog, who runs off at the sudden loud sounds… I’m not sure when the boy’s gonna find his own farts funny, but we certainly find the dog’s reaction funny! 🙂

    2. Rebecca says:

      It’s not just boys! Heidi finds hers ever amusing, she shouts “toot” and laughs… though having a big brother might have something to do with it. Her latest word is “potty” so she’s well on the way to some good humor here.

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