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    Circle goes in which hole?

    G got a great toy from his Grammie a few months back: the Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks set. He loves this thing and plays with it all the time.

    When he was little I was really proud of him taking the blocks out of the bucket. Then I got proud when he started putting the blocks back in the bucket, as this demonstrated a mental development milestone he had reached.

    Then imagine my awe this week-end when he started using the bucket lid to try to get the right shape through the right whole. He was passing the circle through the round hole for a good two minutes. I got all giddy thinking that my kid was a genius and already recognized his shapes. Alas, I was wrong as he spent the next two minutes trying to cram the circle through the square hole.

    Eeeh, at least he’s figuring it out!

    One response to “Circle goes in which hole?”

    1. Kirsten says:

      Too cute. Sometimes you have to try the impossible just to check. I still think he is a genius!

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