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    Bubb-uh and Hhithy

    Those are G’s new words. Acquired just last week.

    Bubb-uh is bubble. We discovered this after picking him up from daycare last week while the kids were playing with bubbles. We have no idea how long it’s been around, but hey it’s new to us. I even tried to get this on video, but as soon as the little red dot on the camera came on, G went mum. Oh well, you’ll have to take my word for this for now.

    Hhithy stands for kitty. G hasn’t worked up the “k-uh” sound yet, which is why “kitty” starts with an “h”. Personally, I think it’s a mix between “kitty” and “hissy”, because while many kids will learn that cats say “Meow”, G will insist they say “Hisss!!!” since that’s all Neko can demonstrate in G’s presence.

    So that brings us up to 9 words? S and I are listening so intently to everything he says now. There are times we swear he hear him repeat a just-heard word (like “light”, and “eight”), but can’t get him to do it more than the once. Those words we don’t count. We’re only counting ones that are repeated and used in context.

    I’m loving that words are starting to sprout up so much faster now. I can’t wait to find out what’s next. I will really, really miss the baby babble though. It is so sweet!

    Honestly, I feel like it’s also letting him get away with a lot too. At least in my mind — I keep telling myself, “He’s still so little, he doesn’t understand” when he does something he shouldn’t. I feel that when he acquires a richer dictionary that excuse isn’t going to fly anymore. This is not to say, I’m allowing him to stick his finger in the electrical sockets or anything, but it’s made me a (relatively) relaxed parent. I’m enjoying not having arguments with him, or frustrations that he didn’t do something I asked him to do. I feel awful saying that I have “low expectations” of my child, but right now, I do. I expect him to eat his meals, take good naps, do his business in his diapers, and play nice with those around him. He’s fulfilling each of these tasks beautifully, and I’m thrilled! I’m excited about having deep conversations with him and finding out why He thinks the sky is blue, but I don’t want baby G to go away just yet. 9 words are right where we should be.

    Anyone want to start a pool on what words will come next (and when)?

    2 responses to “Bubb-uh and Hhithy”

    1. becoming-mom says:

      Does he say no yet? That’s Jasper’s favorite.. Jasper, do you want to eat? No. Jasper, come here so I can change your diaper. “no, no, no, no!!” 🙂

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