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    Boo! (or should we say Moo!?)

    G’s time in therapy is already a given, so I had no qualms in ordering G this year’s costume. As a matter of fact the moment I saw it, I got all giddy.

    Have I ever mentioned that my dream is to be super pregnant over Halloween, so I can dress up as a cow? I just want the udders sticking out over my big Baby belly. Alas, I can’t 1) plan for such an event; 2) find a cow costume my size. So, instead I shall live my dream through my son and torment him.

    At daycare yesterday, there was a parade and all the kids got treats. Of course, as we discussed last year, since G is too young for candy, what it means is that S and I got treats. We ate his bag of goodies promptly after dinner — hmn… yummo. But don’t be sad for G. We left him the mini Play-Doh, the pencil and paper pad. He can put them to use in a few years.

    You know that California Cheese commercial that says “Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California”? Yeah, well, sadly, G was not a happy cow. He wasn’t thrilled about the grass of all things. He didn’t know what to do with it. Yeah, we don’t play in the grass of our yard (like ever), and his daycare playground flooring is foam, so I’m not too shocked that grass is kind of foreign to him: he just wanted nothing to do with it. Yes, a city child you are, My Dear!

    4 responses to “Boo! (or should we say Moo!?)”

    1. Grammie says:

      It must be inherited, not liking grass. I could sit S on a sheet in the yard and he would not get off. Everytime he touched the grass he made that same face G had. He always stayed on the sheet

    2. jenber77 says:

      Love the costume! Totally worth the therapy. Moo!

    3. Azine says:

      MOOO! I love it! He looks adorable in his costume and I have a thing for cows so its officially the cutest kid i’ve seen this year for halloween!

    4. becoming-mom says:

      The cutest cow ever 🙂 I hear you about the candy – we didn’t get any trick or treaters so guess who gets it all?!

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