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    Let’s talk about body image

    … or perhaps my lack there of. In summary, I am really, really unhappy with the way I look. And it’s my fault. Completely.

    For the past year I have not been eating well, or in moderation. I’ve used breastfeeding as an excuse for over-eating, and my supply issues as a reason to not work-out.

    Well, my figure is now rewarding me for the neglect with some nice poundage and flab. I hurry past the mirror heading to the shower to spare myself the disappointment. I look longingly at bodies of mothers at work and my mom’s group, envious of their willpower and ability to look fit.

    But I am doing something about it. I promised myself that when G turned 1, and I started weaning I was going to do better for myself. I was a week late getting started, BUT I’m working out now daily. I’ve convinced S to do Jillian Michael’s “30 Day Shred” with me. I can find 20 minutes each day to work out, and we typically start after putting G to bed and dinner. We’re now on Day 10. It’s tiring, and I’m sore; liposuction has never sounded better, but I’m proud for making it 10 days. I’m really dedicated to making it through the 30 days.

    Obviously there’s not much of a difference quite yet in my appearance, but I do feel better about myself. It’s certainly psychosomatic, but I’m not hating the mirror as much as I used to. Let’s see what I’ll have to say in another 20 days.

    Meanwhile G’s been enjoying his mom and dad’s new toys (aka hand-weights). He got really mad trying to pick up a 5lb weight and not being able to. I mean really mad. It made me crack up. And take a picture.

    Yeah, that’s how I feel at the end of every work-out too, Kid. Or having to work out for that matter.

    5 responses to “Let’s talk about body image”

    1. Kirsten says:

      Good luck Ava!

    2. Rebecca says:

      Love that picture. So funny!

    3. becoming-mom says:

      LOL at the picture. It never ceases to amaze me how much harder Jasper will cry out of frustration than pain.. but about the topic of your post, good for you for starting a program!! I am so exhausted after dinner each night that I can’t even imagine it. But maybe 20 minutes I could do. Maybe you’ll inspire me to do the same. As it is now, I just work out on the weekends. Not ideal. I will be very interested to follow your progress and get your review of the shred after the 30 days!

    4. Rebecca says:

      I’ve been reading this book called “slow burn revolution” that claims that you can do 30 mins per week of slow motion weight training and that’s enough to make a big difference to your fitness. I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s about the time commitment I can handle… I’ll let you know how it goes.

    5. Tracy says:

      I love the 30 day Shred DVD. It is easy exercises, but I am sweating like a pig after the 20 minutes.

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