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    Bed sharing? Yep, not for us!

    G had a really rough night last night. Don’t ask me why: there didn’t seem to be a diagnosable reason. By 3am, S and I had each spent an hour with him in his room. He was quiet, dozing, happy to have us there, but the moment we would transfer him back to his crib, would start crying. Finally, after the God-only-knows what attempt to lay him in his crib, we decided to bring him into bed with us.

    SIDS, suffocation, and rolling-over fears aside, sleeping with our child in our bed has proven to be the worst sleep night yet. G would still wake up every hour, cry because he didn’t like our bed, and proceed to climb over us. I’m convinced he was trying to climb me like Mount Everest at one point. I think I also spent an hour with a kid draped over my face… sideways. Let me tell you: a bony, little elbow shoved in to my trachea is no way to sleep. Those suffocation risks the AMA lists? It should include suffocating the parent, not just the child.

    S and I decided that this was our one and only bed-sharing experiment. Nights like last night will result in us sleeping in his bedroom for the rest of the evening, so we’re investing in a comfy pillow for our glider.

    Me? Tired! G on the other hand ran around this morning as if nothing had happened.

    P.S. The recent lack of photos is not intentional: I’m in between fancy cameras for the time being. I’ve ordered a Canon 5D Mark II (swoon), and have sold my Canon 50D (much faster than I anticipated). At this moment I am DSLR-less. I feel naked. Here’s a recent photo, however, of G’s facial expression when he wants up on my chair.

    5 responses to “Bed sharing? Yep, not for us!”

    1. Kelly Marie says:

      awwe bummer that you had such a bad experience. Save for 1 night that he slept through the night in his own bed (and the nights he is with Grammy) I’ve had kiddo in our bed every night for the last 3 years 8ish months. 🙂 We love it…but it certainly isn’t for everyone!

      • avalikelava says:

        Yep, I know it works for some people. Apparently we aren’t them. Kind of a bummer, because I’d loooove to snuggle on a Saturday morning and hang around in bed for hours watching cartoons and napping. I guess that won’t be happening in this house 🙁

    2. Kelly Marie says:

      Maybe it would be different if sleeping weren’t the intention. Snuggling and wresting in bed is fun!

    3. Rebecca says:

      I hope this isn’t your experience, but Heidi was waking up every night wide awake for over an hour between 3 and 5am for no discernible reason. This went on for over 2 weeks every night and then just stopped… bringing her to bed wouldn’t fix it either. It stopped about a week ago and I think I’m finally almost caught up on sleep.

    4. Josh says:

      Sometimes these episodes are indicative of baby getting ready to hit a new milestone. Or maybe they just say that so we see a silver lining in the whole ordeal.

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