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    Artwork Day

    We got three new pieces from Master G.

    I feel like I should give you some background on the themes here. What G’s teachers do is hang all the most recent work on the walls, and then the stuff they take down comes home. The date I assign to each painting is the date we bring it home (since I don’t really know the actual day it was created). They’re accurate within a week or two though.

    Here are some pieces that adorned G’s classroom over the last couple of weeks. The ones that are currently up are super rad (Mom you’ll like them a lot!) and I can’t wait to show you. Meanwhile, here’s the latest:

    10.28.2009 : Cloudy with a Chance of Eye-balls (found out just recently this is supposed to be a Witch. Huh!)

    11.19.2009 : Boo!

    10.13.2009: I think this is an outline of G’s pants. I think…

    2 responses to “Artwork Day”

    1. Kirsten says:

      I love cloudy with a chance of eyeballs; and am a bit disturbed by Boo – that is one scary hand.

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