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    Anyone here speak toddler?

    G’s vocabulary has taken an upswing over the last two weeks. Added to his dictionary are:

    • “nana” (for banana)
    • “up”
    • “dow” (for down), and of course
    • “maiii” (for mine).

    The last is performed with his arm stretched out and his hand grabbing for his desired object. He uses as it more in lieu of “gimme”, but hey it works for him.

    7 words isn’t too bad. And those are the ones we can somewhat comprehend. That’s certainly doubling his dictionary in 2 weeks. I wonder how quickly more will come? We waited 2 months to get from 3 to 7.

    There’s also the not-so-coherent list. The one that alluded us for the longest time is this: “Abi Da”. G says it all the time. It’s really hard to figure out what it is, since he uses it in all contexts. It sounds very much like “Up and Down” (spoken quickly), but it’s not it. Also, as much as I’d like to think he’s telling us he’d like to vacation in Abu Dhabi, I don’t think it’s it either. So I asked his daycare. Ms. J and Ms. S looked up at me and said “Oh it means elephant!” Elephant? Really? 1) Why is my kid going around the house yelling out Elephant? Yeah, he’s made a couple of suggestions regarding my weight, but I’m pretty sure “Abi Da” is not targeted at me. 2) How do you get from “Elephant” to “Abi Da”? I get the migration from “banana” to “nana”, but “Abi Da” just alludes me. I don’t buy it.

    In addition to his speaking, G’s level of comprehension is really neat to observe. Earlier this week as we were playing I asked him for things like “Get me the ball/monkey/cube” without pointing to any of them and he brought them all to me. Today, I asked him to close the door in his room and he did. S asks him to “give him 5” and G does. It’s so cool! It’s like having your very own trained monkey 🙂

    3 responses to “Anyone here speak toddler?”

    1. Rebecca says:

      Heidi learned “up” and “dow” this week too =)

    2. becoming-mom says:

      The language development is SO much fun.. Jasper says “noun” for down. It’s so cute! Abi da could be elephant.. Jasper has a few words that aren’t very similar to the actual word, like phone he calls “lololo” as in “hello, hello, hello”.

    3. Valya says:

      I also think “Abi Da” is “Up” and “Dawn”. I saw him to used the words when he moved one of his toys.

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