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    And what did YOU do to him?

    S2 came home with a bite on his hand the other day. It was actually pretty impressive, and the perfect toddler-sized bite.

    I asked him if he bit himself. Silence.

    Me: Who bit you, buddy?
    S2: Gawwet
    Me: Garret bit you?
    S2: Ya
    Me: And what did you do to him?
    S2: [silence]
    Me: Did you take something away from him?
    S2: Ya
    Me: What did you take?
    S2: [babbles something I completely didn’t get]

    Well, there you have it. I knew he wasn’t blameless in this, especially given his latest affinity to be a complete menace. He does this to G all the time. He’d storm in (pun intended), yank whatever G is playing with straight out of his hands, and then run off, cackling. And then a fight ensues. I’m not shocked this extends past home, but I can’t wait to get over this.

    Now, my mom will laugh reading this because this is almost a verbatim conversation she had with me when I was in pre-school. Except that I instigated being bitten by spitting at another child. She wished me that I would have kids just like me some time ago. Clearly, someone heard her.

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    1. Courtenay Bost says:

      That is too much. I do remember biting a girl on my soccer team when I was about 5, I thought she was prettier than me. I was swiftly sent to apologize 🙂

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