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    A boy and his umbrella

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to get photos of G these days? Or more specifically get him to cooperate for said photos. Yeah, well, it’s hard. Which is why I was dumbfounded when G agreed for me to take his picture WITH his umbrella.

    While I couldn’t find him the yellow umbrella he requested, I found a cute monkey one instead. Best part is that G likes it! We’ve had to have words about when he can use his umbrella. We’re OK to keep it out of the house, but are still trying to convince him that he can’t open it while in the car. Small steps, I say.

    Anyway, to give S a bit of a break from the Big Dude, I took him and his umbrella on a photo date. G even occasionally posed. I know!!!! Shocking.











    Now… what else I can get him excited about so that he’ll let me take photos of him.

    5 responses to “A boy and his umbrella”

    1. Christina says:

      OMG…these are AMAZING! Each one is a treasure! I’m almost envious…when can you come get some like these of D??? 😉

    2. Kelle says:

      he is too stinkin cute! the pics are great.

    3. Rebecca says:

      adorable =)

    4. Mrs. Ziggy says:

      Oh my, I thought that first picture was about the cutest thing I’d ever seen, right up until I saw the pic of his squatting down with it. He totally looks like he’s hiding under the umbrella. It totally cracks me up when they “hide” in plain sight, so adorable. He is such a beautiful little man.

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