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    21 months

    Our little man is 1yr 3/4. He’s almost 2 🙁 I’m not sad at this milestone, just that it’s so strange that he’s gone from this:

    to this:

    in what feels like overnight. He sees his photos come up on the photo frame and says “Baby!” when the baby is him.

    G and I also had a conversation about how old he was. We were discussing that soon he was going to be two. To this he immediately responded “Three!” I showed him 1 on my hand, then 2, then 3. I counted all the way up to 5. I concluded that he was going to be 2 soon. To this he responded “10!” My dad was quick to remind me that he WAS right, and that in binary 10 really was 2. Yeah, hardy-har. You guys got me. I don’t think G has any idea what binary is, but I’ll give it to him.

    He’s figured out a few new tricks this past month. For example, he can identify body parts I never even knew he knew. He knows his tongue and his knees (in addition to the standard, eye, nose, ear, mouth, belly button, etc. repertoire).

    He’s an avid birder and can spend hours on end telling you about “buhds”, pointing up at the sky, and chasing ducks. There’s a pair of ducks settled into G’s school, and if we’re unfortunate enough to spot them on the way out of the car, it’s guaranteed to be a “late to work” day as G refuses to go in  until the ducks waddle beyond his reach.

    He’s figured out that if he pulls on my pants, or finger, he can get me to stand up and that if he keeps pulling, I’ll go where he wants me to. Of course, when we get to his intended destination I have no clue what half of his babbles mean… but that’s a different story.

    In addition, he fully understands that Elmo comes on the TV. The TV comes on with the remote control. G now brings us the remote control and simply states “Elmo!” as a demand to watch the little red, high-pitched dude waddle around. Curious George is also a sneaky influence. The other day G took me all the way upstairs (where we watch George on the week-ends), sat down on my bed and demanded “Goge”. Sadly for him, it was evening, and a week-night, so no George. He wasn’t thrilled and there might have been a tantrum involved.

    Weight: 23lbs (woo! let’s hope he keeps gaining weight)

    Number of teeth: 16 (last canine is now out! Halle-frikkin-luia, ‘cuz these last few were not fun… for anyone)

    Words: 20+, but he is using more of them in phrases now, stringing 2-3 quite consistently.
    * kite
    * jamma
    * water
    * bread
    * chair
    * nigh-nigh (Night Night!)
    * puhket (blanket)
    * again
    * sun
    * egg
    * boken (broken)
    * aw man! (yeah, we’ve got the pre-teen responses underway too)
    * jacket
    * outside
    * zippeh (zipper)
    * pease (please)
    * apple
    * Goge (George)
    * tree (three)
    * ten
    * run
    * bunnies
    * tutle (turtle)

    Favorite food: No new foods. Still old tried and true spaghetti, oatmeal and the like. Kid likes his carbs. What can I say?

    Favorite activity: Blocks and soccer. The kid can kick a ball with a running start and has great accuracy. He’s also enthralled by his wooden blocks.

    My hopes for next month: That we can wrap up the last phase of sleep training, and leave his room while he’s still awake. He’s past the holding stage, which is great. One more stage to go. And that I go back to taking lots of pictures. My side photography business has eaten into my desire to do fun-for-me stuff and sadly, it’s reflected on G.

    Potty trained?: Joke, right?

    Naughtiest moment of the month: Rushing time-out along

    Sweetest moment of the month: Kisses. He hasn’t really figured out the smooch part, yet, but he leans is head in and presses his nose in as a kiss.

    Temper tantrum meter: mild

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