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    2 is not too young for a tattoo, right?

    A few weeks ago G scored some adorable temporary tattoos from little N’s birthday party. As it turns out S is a master tattoo applier, and I came home one afternoon to have G show off his “Buggy”. He was sporting a fancy ladybug on his forearm. He was very proud of it, and was showing it off to everyone he met (and didn’t feel shy around).

    (By the way, I was lame and didn’t take a photo.)

    This prompted S and I to joke around putting some tattoos on G’s hiney for daycare’s benefit. S wanted, ideally, some rash looking tattoo just to mess with Miss J and Miss S. However, seeing as the birthday party was bug themed and not “random flesh eating illness” themed, we were all out of rash tattoos.

    Instead, tonight we put a lizard on G’s tushie. I’m happy to report that G stood still for that one, and now there’s a bright yellow lizard hiding in his diaper.

    (For ‘I want my son to like me when he’s 15’ reasons, there won’t be a photo of this tattoo either. I’m sure you’ll understand)

    I can’t wait to hear school’s reaction tomorrow.

    One response to “2 is not too young for a tattoo, right?”

    1. Hey guys, I cracked up when I saw the tattoo on G’s cute little but! What a surprise! You are hilarious and we love you.

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