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    18 months

    This little road-runner is 18 months old. We’re halfway to 2 people!!! He enjoys laughing, running and bopping people (mainly his brother) over the head with various sized and weight objects.

    HeĀ  loves to spin himself dizzy, and is still figuring out how to jump. Right now he’s got the whole bootie bounce thing down, which is pretty funny, because while he’s shaking (mostly) back and forth, his feet are yet to see altitude.

    He now knows how to do a kissy face and give you a real kiss. His hugs are absolutely the best. He collapses his whole body into you that just makes you melt through the trust he shows you in that embrace.

    He’s also a pain in the tuchus. He enjoys being a menace to his older brother: either climbing all over him in the morning while G is still waking up; taking toys away from his brother; or as mentioned before, hitting him over the head.

    His new found communication is to cry as loudly as possible, while pointing in random directions. He only quiets down when you can retrieve the object of his desire. In other words, it’s the worst game of Marco Polo/Charades ever. It makes dinner time super pleasant. [Why isn’t the sarcasm font here yet?]

    Speaking of dinner, he is still very, very picky. He has his staples and doesn’t stray beyond them. I haven’t yet figured out a way to convince him to try new things. Pretty much if it’s not the shape, color, smell of the things he already accepts, he purses his lips and proceeds to shake his head. I can’t very well force food in his mouth either (not for lack of trying), so at this point we’re doing the waiting game. Oh, I should add he has an excellent throwing arm when it comes to food. If you have a hungry dog, I have a floor that needs cleaning following meals.

    He’s got a little bit of curl forming on the back of his head. It’s pretty cute — S2’s got a mullet ;p

    Weight: 25lb, 6oz
    Height: 32.5″

    Favorite food: [sigh] still yogurt

    Favorite toy: he gets around. no real preference to any one toy right now

    Favorite activity: swimming. Monkey looves him some water

    New accomplishment: spins

    Number of teeth: 9 and a few more on the way. We get a lot of this lately

    Number of words: 10. Added:

    • nana (banana)
    • b’uh (ball or bottle)
    • whodat (who’s that?)

    Naughtiest moment: biting friends

    Temper tantrum meter: low-moderate

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