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    15 months

    G is now 15 months old! The last month brought us an important milestone: walking!

    When G started walking he had two very defined styles: the zombie walk, where he walked with both hands raised out in front of him; and the sprinkler walk, where one arm was stretched out in front and the other behind his ear bent at the elbow. Man, do I wish I had pictures and video. Sadly, never fast enough to catch them.

    G has discovered Neko and follows him around the house. Neko on the other hand wants nothing to do with the loud, drunken-sailor-walking biped and runs away, hisses and growls. Some day they’ll be friends… right?

    Although he still has but 3 (recognizable) words, he chatters all the time. I feel like he’s truly having a conversation with us, just not in a language we can understand. His comprehension feels pretty good though, as I can say “G, go get the monkey/ball/whatever” and he brings me my desired object. Normally, I would think “Sweet — my life of leisure is here as I have someone that will fetch the object of my desire for me”, except for the fact that he only follows commands when he feels like it.

    Another development over the past month has been G’s interest in hiding things. Small things, big things, he just likes to hide them in places apparently only he can think of.  It started with him hiding his lovey at daycare. When he gets mad he goes for his lovey, and then when he feels better, he hides it someplace. The problem is that the next time he gets upset the teachers can’t find it. Miss J had to follow him around the room for awhile to note his secret hiding places. She’s onto him now. I’ve been doing the same at home, as he’s picked a few favorites here too. For example, wouldn’t you like to find a toy hidden amongst your sugar and flour? How about in between the sheets? Yeah, he’s a big fan of the “hiding” stuff game. S in this case is in major trouble as he likes to leave his (sometimes important) stuff lying around. Perhaps G’s new game is just the cure for that.

    He’s still the best, sweetest, funniest kid I can possibly ask for, though!

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