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    15 months

    We’ve got a 15 month old peanut in the house. He is an excellent drama queen, with Oscar worthy tantrum performances, and a short temper. It’s going to make the 2’s and 3’s interesting, for sure. But he also continues to give us the biggest smiles when we go to pick him up from daycare, and he’s not afraid to distribute hugs a-plenty either.

    This month he also discovered his love affair with stickers. It’s actually a pretty good fine motor skills activity. He’s also learning that trying to eat stickers is a bad idea… because they only stick to your hands worse 🙂

    As a whole he continues to eat well, but is not as adventurous about non-pure foods as much as he used to be. While he was willing to put anything in his mouth before, his taste buds have become a lot more discriminatory. He’s becoming more of his mama’s boy in enjoying empty carbs 🙂 But he also eats green beans, so I guess it kind of evens out.

    It appears that he’s enrollment in “younger sibling class” is paying off because he’s beginning to do an excellent job annoying his older brother. Don’t get me wrong, G is no saint, but S2 is getting an A in 1) identifying when big brother just wants to play alone; 2) going over and poking at his toy; 3) pulling on his hair. For now, and I am grateful for this, G doesn’t retaliate (instead he just yells for someone to come take S2 away), but I know this is a short lived phase, in which event both G and S2 will be studying diligently the art of sibling wresting and yelling.

    Last month also marked the start of his official swim classes. He LOVES the water. LOVES it. He spends the whole class grinning ear to ear, which is awesome… but not great for submerging.

    Now… onto some stats:

    Weight: 23lb 2oz

    Favorite activity: sticking his finger into my mouth, nose or eye. Or generally trying to jab me when I’m holding him.

    Favorite food: I think still yogurt wins

    Favorite toy: Still whatever G is playing with at the time

    Number of teeth: 4. No change

    Number of words: 5. Added 4 over the past month. We have added:

    • uh-oh
    • mo’ (more)
    • nah (no)
    • trash. Although I haven’t witnessed this one myself, daycare assures me the kid says “trash”

    Naughtiest moment: throwing his bottle in the trash-can at daycare. Took us a good while to find it.

    Important milestones: monkey’s learning to run

    One response to “15 months”

    1. Marianne says:

      More hair this month! I just love his little legs. They’re squishy and cute.

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