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    14 months

    Ok, having your kid turn a birth anniversary on the 1st of the month is hard! It always sneaks up on me, and this one was especially bad as I was focusing more on the end-of-year, and all of a sudden realized that the first of January marks not only a new year, but S2’s 14m birthday. Oops!

    This little dude is really coming into his own. He is trying SO hard to run. He’s getting better at bending his knees as he walks, but there’s still a lot of baby-ness left in his stride. However, he has zero trouble chasing after his big brother in super-speed baby waddle. We’ve been hearing a lot of laughing and squealing (from pure joy) as these two run around the house.

    He finally got a clean bill of ear health this month too. After ear infection, followed by double year infection that wouldn’t clear after 4 different anti-biotics, it’s good not to have to shove any ear-medication in him daily. However, he likes visiting the pedi office, and decided another unscheduled visit was in order, as he decided to break out a case of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease home right after Christmas. I think it’s because he likes to flirt with one of the receptionists. The fact she knows us by name, sadly, does not make me happy.

    He’s also gotten the throw-yourself-down-on-the-ground-and-kick-your-legs tantrum down. Sweet!

    This month’s stats:

    Weight: 21lb 15oz

    Height: 77cm (that’s about 30.3″)

    Favorite activity: climbing… preferably onto things that he shouldn’t be standing on

    Favorite food: yogurt. Although he discovered milk-shakes earlier this month (Oreo flavored), and I’m pretty sure he’d trade me in for one if he could.

    Favorite toy: Whatever G is playing with at the time

    Number of teeth: 4! Ha! Sprouted 2 more just in the last two weeks

    Number of words: 1. Wee! And guess what it is? MAMA!!! When he uses it, he’s either referring to me (yey!) or “more”… I can’t quite tell at times. He also, more or less, signs for “more” and “all done”

    Naughtiest moment: Managing to escape into the bathroom in a matter of seconds while S was supervising. In the time that S realized S2 was out of sight and asked “Where’s S?”, monkey-man had ran into the bathroom, climbed up on the counter, and turned on the sink faucet. The running water gave him away. Don’t judge — he might be short, but this dude is fast.

    Important milestones: teeth. words. tantrums

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