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    Why Bulgarian is a superior language

    You know what I love about Bulgarian as a language? You read it exactly as it is spelled, and you spell it (more or less) exactly as you hear it. Sure we like long words, and make you want to buy a vowel from time to time, but there are no hidden letters, and the sound each character makes doesn’t change based on what succeeds it.

    I can’t remember how I learned to read. I just remember that by the time I started 1st grade, I already could. Now, I’m finding myself in the position of trying to guide G in reading and I’m realizing this is going to be a lot harder than I thought and remember. I mean, how do I explain to him that “airplane” and “apple” all start with the same letter. They make completely different sounds. One’s more of an “eh” sound and the other more of an “ah” sound. Then there’s also “awesome”. So what sound does the letter A make? Possibly 3? Maybe more?

    Then there’s C. “cat” and “ceiling” both start with C, but one makes a “kuh” sound and the other makes a “sss” sound. Why the heck do you even need a C if you already have K and S? What’s wrong with “Kat” and “Seiling”?

    I dread getting to “h”. “No, buddy, we don’t pronounce ‘h’ half the time! It’s just there to psych you out in spelling tests 🙂 Buahahahaha!”

    Yeah, yeah, yeah: it’s not English, it’s Latin: whatever!!! I have a whole new appreciation for the Cyrillic alphabet right now, I’ll tell you that much.

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    1. Rebecca says:

      I remember being able to read when I started Kindergarten so I asked my mom how she taught me and she said “I read to you”… and I started James with hooked on phonics, but he didn’t read with any fluency until a couple years ago when there was something he really wanted to read… now he reads amazingly well, so I’d advise you not to worry too much about reading… Spelling though, that is going to be a challenge.

    2. Christina says:

      My German dad has still got words he seriously hates in the English language! The best one is “colonel”. I mean, really?!?? Good luck explaining that one.

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