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    There’s no sea-shells on this sea-shore

    G and I stopped by the beach on our way back home following a strawberry picking excursion. We got out of the car and watched some surfers get ready. We then headed to the sand where G froze. He didn’t want to go any further. I asked him why, and he said he was scared… because of how loud the ocean was. Well, he’s not wrong — it’s loud, but given the fact that he slept to a sound machine turned onto ocean sound (loud) for 2 years, I didn’t think that would be much different. But then he got the hang of it, and off we went. He was enticed by looking for shiny shells (thank you Shiny Pteranadon). However, somehow we managed to be on the only beach known to man where shells were no-where to be found. Crab carcasses though? As far as the eye could see. And from a distance, crab shells, do look like sea shells.

    Oh… and we left just as it started to drizzle. Rain? In summer? Out here?

    PS. These are pics from my iPhone, so don’t judge 🙂

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