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    Penny bribes

    Once upon a time, in this land that is ours I managed to get a lot out of G by simply bribing him with a penny. Really!

    “Eat your breakfast, and you get a penny.”
    “Get in your car-seat fast, and get a penny.”

    He was a cheap date. And it was blissful. Until it ended. Why, you ask? Well… do you see these feet?

    These feet are tip-toeing on this stool:

    This stool is placed by this closet:

    And THIS is the closet where daddy keeps his loose change. Clearly Monkey#1 has realized that he need not perform for a mere penny a day, if he can fill his piggy-bank simply by raiding daddy’s loose change.

    I revel in how bright he and S2 are. Really. I just wish they wouldn’t use their smarts against me 🙂

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