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    Now I know what doors and locks are for

    Small children have a radar. It instantly goes off the moment you an in the restroom and require privacy. They could be on the other side of the house, completely engaged in an activity at hand, but like sharks smelling blood, the moment “alone” time is required in the restroom, they’re lined up at my feet.
    “Mama what are you doing?” or “Uh-bi da” per appropriate child age.

    Really people?!?!?!

    As of becoming a parent I’ve gotten somewhat used to this invasion of privacy. I went from having to go to the most isolated floor in my employer’s building so I can be as alone as humanly possible in a public restroom; and from just staring at S when he would walk in on me, to coming to terms with the fact I would be using the restroom with a child on my lap (thanx G’s first 4 months of life!). I have become really good at being able to take my pants off one-handed!

    However now that my “relatives” have come back for their monthly visits, I have to draw the line somewhere and the door is getting closed. More importantly the lock is getting utilized. ‘Cuz quite frankly, while I intend to be fully open with my children about sex, puberty and body changes, I’m so NOT ready to talk to my 3.5 year old about menstrual cycles and the purpose of pads and tampons.

    So, thank you lock inventor! Maybe you had a 3.5 year old of your own?

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