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    Movie Monday (Dance, dance, dance, dance!)

    One of the (3) shows on rotation we have going on right now w/ G is Shaun the Sheep (thanx, S&C for telling us about it!)

    As an intermission between segments, Shaun does a little dance. It features some Saturday Night Fever action, some Running Man, and some other general booty shake action (and if you don’t know any of the references, I just made, well, then… you’re too damn young!).

    I noticed something last night. Right as this little dance routine started, G looked around (to make sure no-one was watching, or his performance space was clear — unsure which), got up, and started dancing like Shaun on our bed. It took me a little while to process what was happening, and then once he was done and settled back into his watching position, as if nothing had happened, I re-wound the episode a bit, and set-up my camera in wait. Then you get this little jewel. [sorry this is in vertical orientation, I know it’s not supposed to be, but based on where I was sitting, the lack of zoom on my iphone and the fact I couldn’t move without him catching on, this was the only way to get full view of him.


    S thinks we’ve somehow been charged with the responsibility of raising the class clown. I think he might be right!

    2 responses to “Movie Monday (Dance, dance, dance, dance!)”

    1. coastchick says:

      Shaun is a HUGE hit with Marin too! We have a bunch of his DVD’s, if I can figure out how to get them to you digitally, are you interested?

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