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    Movie Monday

    This is what happens to toys in our home that make mom and dad want to poke a fork in their ears. We (and by “we” I mean S) were “lucky” enough to getting G onboard to doing some surgery.


    The best part to this, was actually Skyping with my parents this week-end (the contributors of this gift) and listening to G tell my dad why it no longer made sound. The chat went something like this:

    Gappa: What happened to the sound?
    G: We turned it off!
    Gappa: Why?
    G: because it was driving us crazy! [Ha! please observe use of “us”]
    Gappa: How did you stop it?
    G: We cut it off?
    Gappa: With what?
    G: Scizzors!
    S: Actually it was wire cutters.

    Enjoy! Oh — feel free to use this technique with your toys too. It makes a lot of them a TON more enjoyable… for the listeners.

    One response to “Movie Monday”

    1. Dad says:


      I am happy you find a way to permanently improve the toy. As a side note, the third button on the remote control also disables the sound, but this obviously is not a “permanent” solution 😉


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