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    It’s all about The Claw!

    There is a 6-inch gap between our wall and couch. This is a good place to hide stuff (like an old box that can probably be recycled), and a sad place to loose items. G has discovered this the hard way as many balls, toys, socks, and loveys have found themselves stuck in the ravine. The gap is just wide enough where I can’t enter, my arms don’t extend far enough to the floor, and the couch is just too heavy to move around. This places a unique conundrum on how to evacuate items from this spot of “the lost”.

    I remember about maybe a year back, G crying about something he lost behind the couch. I non-nonchalantly walked over to the kitchen, grabbed a set of tongs, and fished required item. S was impressed (‘cuz yo’ I’m smart like that), but G looked at me as if I had opened a whole new world to him.

    Since then, he would drag a chair over to the utensil rack, grab the tongs and run off with them to help himself to fallen friends. It was cute. It was also a pain in the butt.

    So for G’s birthday, S specified to asking relatives, that a set of grabbers would be a great idea. Yeah, I mean one of those As Seen on TV things. An aluminum arm that extends about two feet, and a pincer you control through a trigger on the end. G LOVES IT!!! He calls it “The Claw” (tu da dum!)

    The Claw is coo — it helps him reach stuff. But the claw is also metal and sharp and makes beautiful scratches on our walls (not to include family members). S, and this is where he’s smart in turn, wrapped it in pipe insulating material. Now it’s cool, practical AND safe-r.

    Presenting… The Claw… and a happy boy illustrating it’s use.

    Monkey and string acquired!

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