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    G, today, you are 4!

    Oh, boy! No, really… you are a real boy. I watched you dress yourself the other day, and I tried to remember that 4 years ago, to that day, you lived inside me. Could it really have only been only 4 years ago? These last 4 years have felt both like an eternity and a blink of an eye all at once. How is that possible?

    You are growing up to be so proud of your accomplishments. Your face beams when you realize you’ve finally got something that brings you to the next stage of “big kid-dom” like going to the potty all by yourself, or getting your jammies on, all on your own.

    That pride, however, has not come at a cost: while you love to recognize your new accomplishments you are unhappy with failure. This would normally be a good thing, as it strives to make some people only work harder, but for you, these last few months, the fear of failure and not being the best has been crippling. So much so, that you refuse to try because you know you won’t be the best. I am so hoping that this is a short-lived phase, because it hurts my heart to see you sit out on activities I know you love. Activities that you could be the best at if you dedicate the time and effort.

    You are stubborn. Boy, are you stubborn. Sometimes I can cojole you into doing what I need you to, but I know with you I never know what I’m going to get. You’re becoming easier to reason with, at least, and I’m hoping over time we can have some more productive debates rather than calling it a draw (although let’s face it, me calling something a “draw” is my way of making myself feel better)

    You continue being funny, and silly. There’s a lightness you bring to those around you. I sincerely hope you continue to hold onto this, because it’s a great trait to have in life. I just hope it doesn’t get you into trouble in your teens! You’re learning to tell jokes, although the stuff you come up with on your own is 100x better than any Knock Knock joke out there. With that said, I’m eager for you to outgrow the toilet humor… although who am I kidding — you’re a boy — you’ll never outgrow toilet humor.

    So what do you have to say about yourself?

    • What’s your name? Poo poo
    • Do you know your full name? Poo poo diarhhea (Yeah, we talked about the toilet humor, right?)
    • How old are you? 4!!!!
    • What’s your favorite color? Purple
    • Who are your best friends? Torrey
    • What is your favorite book? Octopus (must be a school book, because I don’t know this one)
    • What is your favorite song? Rock-a-bye Baby.
    • What is your favorite movie? Penguins
    • What is your favorite TV show? The fire… uhmn…Thomas (I don’t buy it, since he never asks for it, but it’s what he said)
    • What is your favorite animal? Shark. Wait do it again. (Ok, what’s your favorite animal?) Squid. (Squid? Why do you like the squid?) Because he/she/he shoots out of his arms
    • What’s your favorite food? Peanuts (In reality, I think it’s pasta, but that’s me)
    • Do you have a favorite shirt? No
    • What’s your greatest word of wisdom at age 3? [silence]
    • What makes you mad? Uhmn… playing the jungle game. Because I don’t want to play it. (I have no idea what that game is)
    • What’s your favorite toy? Borris Tyrannosaurus
    • What do you want to do when you grow up? [silence] (Do you want to be a doctor? A zoo keeper? A kitty doctor? What do you want to do?) I want to do nothing! (You want to do nothing? You want to be a louse?) Yes, a mouse! (I said a louse, but a mouse would be better… although some people would think they’re the same thing)

    You have grown to be 38″ and ~34lb of pure boy awesomeness (and terror). Here is a glimpse at your last year:

    Click to see the slideshow on Vimeo (if YouTube doesn’t work) or


    One response to “G, today, you are 4!”

    1. Wendy says:

      Love it. Love him. Happy birthday.

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