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    “Daddy, my father now lives In a different house”

    Have I told you about G’s father?

    G likes to tell us lots of stories about his father. And things his father has said. It’s great, because he tells S stories of his father. It took us a little while to figure out that:

    1) His father’s name is Ressia and…
    2) Ressia’s a girl.

    We now know that G’s father is more or less his imaginary friend. But because he refers to Ressia as “his father”, it’s really a confusing conversation to have with his teachers. Since they assign that title to S, and not Ressia, they think these stories are real, and about S. Yeah, you try explaining to someone why Daddy says “no candy for lunch”, but “his father” says it’s OK.

    As an interesting development, apparently G’s father has moved out.

    Gee, I hope it’s not anything we said…

    3 responses to ““Daddy, my father now lives In a different house””

    1. BecomingMom says:

      They do have wild imaginations don’t they?? 🙂

    2. patty says:

      Wow, this is both weird and hilarious. Have fun with this!

    3. grandma says:

      He is some “story teller”… isn’t he?
      It is funny too, because everyone believes children more than their parents.

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