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    Neko had his re-check yesterday. I wasn’t expecting a full recovery — this is not possible, but he’s not worse and the medicine he’s on is helping. We’re to increase the dose of his fluid retention medications for a little while and re-check him again in two weeks. He’s eating better — not what he used to, but I’m hopeful that as the medication keeps doing it’s thing, the appetite will keep getting better too. We did have to do two doses of the appetite enhancers, but we’re scaling back on those, since his lack of eating will be the only thing to tell us if he’s getting worse.

    But, for now, we have more time with him. I don’t know if this will be another 6 months, or a year, or many years. But he’s still here with us, and this is good.

    2 responses to “More time”

    1. Mrs. Ziggy says:

      I’m so glad to hear that he’s doing well, eating well. He’s simply beautiful.

    2. Litsecita says:

      I am relieved to hear that Neko is better. Good luck for Neko’s health šŸ™‚

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