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    Yes, I’m “that” mom

    As it turns out I’m the creepy mom from the book “I love you forever” (PS. That book, by the way, made me “Aw!”, then cry, then creeped me out, then made me cry again).

    Why is that? Because if you’ll observe the timestamp of this entry (3:01am, thank you very much), you’ll see that I’m up.

    G is asleep. Has been since we put him down last night, but I’m awake. I’m awake and I just went into his room to check in on him. When I do, I put my hand on his tummy, lightly, and just feel him breathe. To be clear, as crazy as I may seem, I do value my sanity somewhat, so I don’t pick him up to rock him (ala ILUF mom) for fear of waking him, but I do stand by his side and just watch him.

    We have a room monitor, but he sleeps so soundly that many nights he doesn’t even make a peep. It’s nights like this that I wonder if a video monitor will help… but even then he doesn’t move much, so unless the monitor has thermo-heat setting (can you say military-issue and expen$$$$$ive?), I’ll probably still be getting up. We also tried the Angelcare monitor only to get rid of it faster than the time it took us to get it setup. Obviously the low-tech, little-sleep approach is most effective in this family.

    So yeah…. can you say “neurotic”?

    6 responses to “Yes, I’m “that” mom”

    1. Dad says:


      You are turning into obsesive diaper snifer as George Carlin calls them. You better watch his last show “It’s bad for Ya”.

      Anyway, the best solution to keep you awake ALL NIGHT will be a foot pulse monitor for G. Then you won’t sleep, watching for pulse rate changes 🙂

    2. Karen says:

      I think we are all “that” mom! At least all the first time moms. LOL. I had my husband read that story I Love You Forever and he called the mom a pyscho stalker at first but of course he was in tears by then end. I love reading all of your posts btw cause I can totally relate!

    3. Lizz says:

      That’s why I got the Angelcare motion monitor when we switched Max to his crib! There’s no way I’d be able to sleep without it!

    4. Grammie says:

      I was that mom too years ago. I have spent a many of minutes watching my children sleep, wondering why I was awake. It’s a normal thing to do and you will cherish the memories.

    5. Kelle says:

      just to prepare you…at some point (when he gets a bit older) you WILL be able to pick him up and rock him without him waking up. (nothing short of a thunderstorm will wake him) the time goes so quick-enjoy it while you can. bc they grow up and wont fit in your arms anymore.

    6. Rebecca says:

      It’s not crazy, I think I’d do it too if the baby weren’t always sleeping right next to me. I reach out and put my hand on her to feel the rise and fall of her breath all the time, it’s just a part of my partial wakings in the middle of the night where I roll over and adjust my pillow or whatever.

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