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    Work & Day Care: Day 1

    Aaah, the prodigal daughter returns. Four and a half months seem to have flown by, and today I returned back to work as G attended his first day at day care.

    I thought that dropping him off would be hard. And it was in some respects. I tried to move around the house this morning focused on everything we needed to do before leaving. If I didn’t I was afraid I was going to loose it. S filled in for me though and cried before we left the house. I followed suit by crying in the car on the way over; and G apparently cried after we left. Yeah, it was a wet day for this family.

    I thought that my first day back at work would be hard. But it was thankfully OK.  My colleagues appeared to genuinely appreciate me being back. It feels good to know I was missed!
    I spent my day at work going over hundreds upon hundreds of emails. I started my day with about 1560 messages (down from over 2K as of Fri night) and pressed the delete key… a lot! In some respects after being gone this long, it almost feels like starting a new job. The only difference is that I know who people are and have a vague idea what they’re talking about. Memorable moments of my day include:

    1. not remembering which floor I worked on
    2. not remembering the name of the building I worked in
    3. walking into the men’s restroom and being there a good minute before figuring it out
    4. being asked by a young, non-parent co-worker if G spoke yet. Unsure if he was kidding, I responded “Yes, he’s reciting Shakespeare!”

    Can I just say right now that I am REALLY glad that I didn’t become a brain surgeon like I wanted to in Jr. high? After reading the above, you should be glad I didn’t either.

    I had a few meetings, and got the heck out as soon as the last one was over. Yeah, it was early, but for a first day back after a 4.5 month leave it felt like a long day. Besides, I just wanted to go and hug my guy as tight as I could without his eyes popping out of his little eye-sockets. Yeah, I really, really missed him.

    Our day-care lady was surprised to see me. I guess I should have told her when I’ll be coming to get him. She greeted me by saying that he cried a bunch unless being caried around and that he’s a terrible napper. Yep. That’s my boy, alright!

    He was calm when I got there, though, and gave me a big smile when he saw me. It’s things like that that make my heart melt. Once we came home, he proceeded to tell me about his day. Ugh, that coo kills me. I never dreamed that I could be this attached to a short, bald man who spoke in tongues.

    I still don’t think I could ever be a stay at home parent, but after today, I understand why people would want to be.

    3 responses to “Work & Day Care: Day 1”

    1. StefK says:

      Can I just say how much I’ve been enjoying (LOVING) reading your blog?! I just had to read those memorable moments out-loud to my husband and we both giggled. You’re so funny and insightful and witty and…well, just so cool. You seriously just seem to have the best outlook on things and it is refreshing as heck to read about how much you love and adore that baby boy. I hope that when I’m a mom someday I’m able to ooze just a little bit of this totally natural mom thing you have going on. Keep it up. I love reading your blog!

    2. Kirsten says:

      Congrats on a successful first day back at work. I hope that today went just as well. I hope to see you guys soon!

    3. So how was your first WEEK back at work? How’s baby G taking it?

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