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    How to wire your house for sound… for cheap

    A few years ago S and I went to a party in the city. This house was was immaculately remodeled. It was even wired for sound, with speakers in the walls and ceilings allowing you to listen to music wherever you were. I envied this.

    Well, yesterday I realized I don’t have to envy it any more because my own house is now wired for sound. You too can have this:

    • Step 1: acquire baby (this step is optional)
    • Step 2: obtain baby monitor
    • Step 3: place main transmitter in room with (optional) child and reasonably close to a laptop or other sound-producing device
    • Step 4: place receivers around the house
    • Step 5: play music

    Bingo! You now have music throughout the house.

    Now in my case, I’ll be listening to the rockin’ stylings of lullabies throughout the day in my living room, but you can make sound selections of your choice (or your child’s choice).

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