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    Who’s afraid of the Booger Man?

    The other day I had a follow up appointment at my OB’s office. S was at home with G, so as I waited patiently in the office I was flipping through the literature. They had this book called Baby 411. Seemed like an interesting read.

    I stumbled across the “Illness” section and as I was reading about projectile, Exorcist-like vomiting I realized I’m pretty afraid of G getting sick. It had always been on the back of my mind. I mean, getting sick is inevitable, and since G is not superhuman he willl get his first cold sooner or later. Since he’s going into day care sooner might be sooner than I’d like.

    I dread this! I’m worried I won’t recognize a cold and he’ll suffer because his mommy is an idiot. How do I know what hurts? What if he has a sore throat and doesn’t want to eat for pain of swallowing? What if he throws up? Crap, what if he has a high fever? How high is too high? I don’t think I’ll have enough time to finish up med school before the first Booger Man visit!

    Yeah, I’m paranoid!

    That book said that the average child will spend 80 days being sick between the months of October and April (prime cold/flu season). 80 days!?!? That’s 80 days that my little guy would be miserable. That just breaks my heart.

    I now have an urge to douse his room with disinfectant, have everyone wear hospital gowns around the house and scrub in before they enter.

    Anyone have an isolation bubble I can borrow?

    One response to “Who’s afraid of the Booger Man?”

    1. Grammie says:

      It is quite normal for parents to think every time their child gets a cold he has some dreadfull disease but usually its just a cold. Relax you will be fine and so will G
      Miss seeing you

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