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    What smells?

    Ok, there is something I just have to share with all the new moms out there. It took me awhile to figure out and at the off-chance it will drive anyone else as nuts as it drove me, I’m sharing my discoveries here.

    For the longest time, starting about the 4th or 5th day of G’s life, whenever I would nurse him at the end I would smell this awful, foul stench. I smelled his breath, my own, I even shoved my nose to his diaper, my boob (as close as my neck would bend) and I just couldn’t figure it out. It drove me crazy. I would ask S if he smelled it to, only to negative responses. I even asked the pediatrician about it. He said some women are sensitive to breastmilk and don’t get along with the smell.

    But that wasn’t it. I smelled my breastmilk, and it smelled nothing like what was eating at me.

    Until I figured it out — the cord!!! That little rotting piece of flesh hanging out in front of G’s belly was the culprit! One whiff of that (and why I hadn’t done it earlier I dunno) and the case was closed. Whenever I would nurse, since G’s belly would be pressed up against my body, the smell would just collect and as soon as I would pull him away would shoot straight up my nostrills.

    So all you ladies awaiting the birth of your babies. When that smell hits you — now you too will know what’s to blame.

    Oh… and with this, I won’t be seeking a career change to the morgue anytime soon!

    2 responses to “What smells?”

    1. Mike says:

      Why, oh why did I decide to eat a late lunch while going through my blog list this afternoon? I am so not hungry anymore.

    2. Simone says:

      Just came across your blog from the Nest… what a funny post! I had the same thing happen to me, after several weeks I figured out what the smell was… baby had a major double chin and milk was getting deep into the neck creases and getting sour! EWWW!! I found he got stinky behind the ears too, weird. Stinky, stinky babies. I guess that’s why they make all the baby lotion smell so strongly.

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