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    Wanted: Harem Girls

    As it turns out, G has very specific guidelines for what he will put in his own mouth. It goes something like this? If food, ignore; else, insert.

    That’s right. He will play with his food, push it around his tray, pick it up, shake it in his fist, throw it over his shoulder (or any other direction for that matter) but when it comes to putting it in his mouth, it’s as if you’re asking him to eat mud. I’ve tried this with puffs, cheese, apples, all of which end up ultimately on my floor and not his mouth. Other items however: toys, fabric… metal chair railing, table edge, all tasty.

    It’s not as if he doesn’t know that food is food: if I pick it up and direct to his mouth, he opens up. He just prefers for someone else to do the work for him.

    So I’m thinking he needs to figure out this whole “self feeding” thing. I mean, he could post an ad for some Harem Girls and all, but I don’t imagine that’s a financially sustainable long-term solution. Besides, if he smashes his own face in birthday cake it’ll be cute; if I do it it’s just plain mean. And we all know this self-feeding thing is all about the cake smash photos, right? ;p

    One response to “Wanted: Harem Girls”

    1. ariella516 says:

      I hope he can get into the self feeding thing in time for his party. But if he doesn’t hang in there lots of kids don’t self feed till a year or later. I think the only reason Riley does it already is that I gave him the spoon and told him “go for it kid”.

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