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    How to cure impatience and procrastination

    I’ve found a cure for impatience and procrastination: having a baby.


    I am not a patient person by any means, and if it can be done tomorrow, why leave the couch and TV remote control today?
    (As you can tell my reading assignments in school didn’t get very far)

    However, as I was standing over my sink at 5:40am this morning rinsing off my pumping supplies I came to the realization that G is curing me (slowly) of both of my vices. “How?” you may ask. Well, the thing with babies is that you work on their schedule. I’ve heard that it “should” be the other way around, but we haven’t really gotten G to agree. Anyway, when you work with your kid’s schedule you come to the sad conclusion that just because you wanted to do something later doesn’t mean that they’ll want to give you the time to complete that task at that time. So if you want something done, you do it as soon as a window opens up, even if that means right then and there. Hence the 5:40am rinse session.

    The impatience is cured by the continuous crying. Come cry-o’clock (~5-9pm daily at our house) you get a steady state of G vocals, and unless you purchase a quick hit of patience and a shot of Zen you’re not making it through those four hours. I’ve become very good at meditating through G’s cries. I can hear him, don’t get me wrong, but with the exception of the occasional (and sadly unavoidable) shriek, I bear through it patiently waiting the sleep faerie.

    So I don’t know how long these vice vaccines will last for, but I’ll see how long this new, “better” me will last.

    Oh, PS. Just because I procrastinate less doesn’t mean I’m getting more done… it just means that my one or two accomplishments of the day happen sooner rather than later ;p

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    1. Ahhh… I guess that’s why I will never be ready for kids!

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