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    The diaper song

    Much to the horror of anyone who is not deaf, I’ve been singing to G a bunch. I’ve forgone any actual lyrics to songs and have started making up my own. Here for example is the diaper song G’s been subjected to over the last two days.

    Note: not all words may be found in the Merriam Webster dictionary

    [to the Adams family theme song]

    They’re wet or they are mucky,
    And changing can be sucky!
    They’re occasionally yucky,
    The diapers on the Griff!

    The Kissaluvs are purdy,
    But not when they are dirty.
    Yet I’m sure glad they’re sturdy,
    The diapers on the Griff!

    When G hears this he smiles and laughs. Most probably because when I sing I look like a fool (and probably sound like one too). Either way… until he’s old enough to tell me to stay quiet he’ll be subjected to more of the above.

    4 responses to “The diaper song”

    1. Kelly Marie says:

      Hehehehe, so cute 🙂 I do this as well. Unfortunately, my G is old enough to tell me to stay quiet 🙁

    2. My mom made up songs like this when I was a kid. We had a carpool song for preschool and a dancing song for extra energy and so many others I no longer remember. It is one of my fondest memories from my childhood. It never bothered me when she sang off tune because those songs were for us kids. If you keep doing this your giving G some great memories for when he is older.

    3. Jamers says:

      Cute! I’m sure I’ll do the same silly things someday. It’s pretty much a “must” for moms, I think.

    4. EmWed says:

      LOL! Well, when he sticks his pacifier in *your* mouth, you’ll know he wants you to stop. Till then, go for it!

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