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    That’s not my bed!

    We’re visiting family this week. S’ family is getting lots of G love. G in turn is getting oodles of people fawning over him. And a new toy from Auntie K! Yeah, his life isn’t sucking right now.

    On the way out here G had his very first plane adventure, and I must say he did pretty well. He cried on the first landing, either because he was hungry, or the ear pressure thing, but CA to Philly went rather uneventfully. He slept most of the way from Philly to Norfolk on the second leg and when he wasn’t sleeping he was smiling and grinning like a goon. He gets high marks for his first day of travel. I hope the return adventure will be just as uneventful.

    I was really worried that our first leg (a red-eye flight) would turn into a bloodshot -eye flight for all passengers around him, but he snoozed through almost all of it. He had the most comfortable seat in the house though, which might have helped.

    Meanwhile, I’ve come to the conclusion that US Airways is running a social experiment, trying to see just how uncomfortable they can get their seats before people would just prefer to stand instead. Maybe all my recent international travel has spoiled me, but even Lufthansa Economy looked (and probably felt) like First Class on US Air. I get nautious if I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t sleep well when I’m not comfortable. I felt sick most of my day yesterday. Draw your own conclusions.

    Our travel experience was also highlighted by our normal set of fiascos — they messed up our seats, so that NONE of us were seated together (maybe they thought a flight attendant would care for G on the trip), and they broke our luggage. At least this time it all arived with us. 2/3 times in the past it didn’t make it past our connection. It’s great to have to plan for lost luggage, lemme tell you.

    Back to the reason we’re here — family.

    We’re having a blast. G is letting people hold him without must fussying, which is awesome. His cousins even got to carry him while he chilled in their arms. He even trained Cousin G to change his diapers — yeah, there’s a memory he’ll appreciate when he’s in his teens 🙂

    We also met G’s great-grammie. She is 94 this year and sharp as can be. He was the talk of the adult care facility she’s staying in while she recoops from a broken hip. He brought many a smiles to aging faces, lemme tell you.

    Our only misadventure thus far has been bed-time. I don’t know if it’s the timezone difference, or G’s awareness that he’s not at home, but bedtime was rough last night. He did great for naps, but evening time was brutal. I hate having to let him cry-it-out, but after multiple pick-ups for comfort, nursings, and even cuddles with me in bed until he fell asleep, I had to give up. Every time I’d put him back in his crib he’d start crying. I hope this gets better by tomorrow, because a cranky G = cranky mommy, and that’s never a good thing.

    Ta ta! I’ll post pictures soon,

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    1. Grammie says:

      G is the most beautiful baby and what a blessing it is to have him here in VA. Also excited about having his Mom and Dad too.

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