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    Teething hellions

    We’ve been alerted that S2 is showing signs of teething. Kid is not even 5m old. WTF? Ensue my panic. I’m not ready for him to teethe! My nipples aren’t ready for him to teethe!!!

    It would explain a lot of his recent behavior though: the constant first in mouth, the drooling, the stuffy nose… the frequent night wake-ups.

    What’s the rush kid? You couldn’t wait to run for the exit, you’re staring at my food with those devouring eyes, and now this? Why couldn’t you take after me and wait to sprout chompers AFTER you turned one?

    Clearly there will be no break between teething children in our home. Just as G is finishing up his last molar we’ll be starting over again with S2. I can only hope, at least, that S2 will take it easy on us for those first few.


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    1. Shannon says:

      It is fun what you wish for. I have been excitedly waiting for O’s first tooth since about 5 months, now a week before 9 months, we got a tooth. See only has one and has not learned to chomp my nipples yet. So for now I am excited, and between that and the sun I just keep on smiling when I think of her first tooth. Hope S2 takes it easy on your nipples.

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