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    We lost our STTN badge

    I feel like we’ve been publicly stripped of our Sleep Through The Night badge.

    I was so proud of it too. As fussy as G was, the one thing we had to cling to and be happy about was our sleep. And now it’s gone 🙁

    G is still waking up at night. Last night 5 times before midnight and once more at 1. It’s brutal!

    It’s like being accepted into the VIP lounge only to be rejected re-entry after going to the restroom. You can see your way back, but can’t quite get past the bouncer. Just while the party was getting good too!

    S and I are attacking the “sleep bouncer” by turning into sleep theorists (this should really be a profession, by the way). We spend our days hypothesizing over what the culprit that is stealing G’s (and by extension our) sleep and we test said hypothesis each evening. The Scientific Method is alive and kicking in our house, for sure.

    I no longer think it’s a growth spurt. Yes, feeding G puts him back asleep, but tanking him up before bed-time doesn’t do squat. He’s also no more eager to eat during the day.

    Tonight we’re trying him in his swing again to see if perhaps the motion will make a difference.

    Next on the “what about” list is unswaddling and turning down the heater in his room in case he might be getting too hot.

    One thing that is also a possibility, but I cringe to think about is Reflux. He’s already on Prevacid, and we had his dosage upped 2 months ago. Yet he’s spitting up and crying pretty hard afterwards.

    I keep wanting to believe that this is just temporary and he’ll go back to his awesome sleep pattern. I in turn will get my non-puffy eyes back… as well as that lovely STTN badge. I wear it on my Mommy sash, you know!

    G’s next check-up with the pediatrician is on Friday. You bet sleep will be a topic of discussion. I just hope Dr. M doesn’t laugh at me for wanting too much.

    4 responses to “We lost our STTN badge”

    1. Rebecca says:

      you have my sympathy. am I reading right that you can at least sleep from 1 to morning? that’s better than nothing, try to look at the bright side. and of course this, too, shall pass. (I’ve been telling myself that a lot lately, we’re on cold #3 for the month)

    2. Ashley says:

      Not that this is helpful, but sometimes it just happens? J was a merit badge sleeper from 6 weeks to 3.5 months, only maybe one wake up. Then, suddenly, he started waking up all.night.long. 5 – 10 times, we stopped counting. And then, after 2.5 loooong months, two weeks ago, I tried the No Cry Sleep Solution and that very night he woke only twice. And has been waking 1 -2 times every night since. Whether or not I follow the book’s suggestions!!

      Take heart, he slept well once I believe he will sleep well again!

    3. WineCountryWife says:

      You know it very well could be that he is at the 6 month mark. My dd did the same exact thing at 6 months. She was STTN, and I was soo proud of that, and then, BAM! Six months hit, and it was like she reverted back to when she was a newborn, waking several times throughout the night, driving me bonkers. This growth spurt can last as long as a week (or maybe longer, depending on the child), so if you’re still having trouble with it after more than 2 weeks I’d try a sleep training method your comfortable with if he’s still not sleeping well.
      At any rate, it sucks – sorry you’re dealing with this now!

    4. WineCountryWife says:

      Ok, sorry I didn’t read you’re whole post before responding, I got distracted, came back and thought I’d finished. Doh! I still think it could be a growth spurt issue, even if he’s not wanting to eat more. There is a lot going on their little brains, and growth spurts aren’t always about the physical growth, but the mental, and their brains are working in overdrive trying to comprehend the new skills they are acquiring. There was a great article I read about this with my dd was at that age, but I can’t seem to find it. At any rate, whatever it is, good luck!!

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