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    The next stage of stroller fun

    I’m really glad we waited on getting a stroller until G was born. Our little Snap’N Go stroller (thank you Dave and Tracy) has served us well: it’s gotten us to our destinations, and most importantly has made me figure out what features are important to me. In the two months of pushing G around I realized I wanted:
    – a good turn radius
    – sturdy and big rubber wheels
    – cushy ride for G
    – light enough for me to place in car on my own
    – an easy break mechanism

    From the above I realized that what encompassed the above best is a tri-wheel stroller.

    From my research, I fell in love with the Quinny Buzz. Unfortunately after a store visit, S didn’t quite share my stroller crush. Instead he favored the Baby Jogger City Elite. The battle was on: BJ vs. Quinny:


    Alas I didn’t win. We got the Baby Jogger. Somehow my “It looks so cool!” argument didn’t go very far. I’m sad a bit, but excited that G has a new set of wheels. We’re going to go and test it out tomorrow.

    While in the store today we saw another couple shopping for a stroller. They were in there with their little one who couldn’t have been much older than G. They were there with their (what looked like pretty new) stroller system. Obviously they couldn’t have been loving it all that much since they were already looking to replace it. Although it sucks (for them) that they have to spend more money, they made me feel pretty good in waiting it out.

    So yey for new wheels!

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