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    Still a two-income family

    My place of employ had a rather sizable (and public might I add) round of layoffs. It was no surprise to anyone. I consider myself as close to living under a rock as possible these days, and even I knew about it. The press has been talking and speculating about it for months. After awhile I just wanted it to be over already.

    And now it is.

    Good news: I still have a job.
    Bad news: I still have a job.

    Yep, for the first time in my professional career a round of layoffs did not bring panic attacks to my morning wake-up routine. As much as I like working, I’ve also enjoyed my time with the G-monster at home. No matter what happened I was at peace with it because one way or another I’d be getting something good out of it.

    Oh, here’s some fun trivia for you: In the past 8 years of my professional career, I’ve had 3 separate employers and I have neither quit nor been fired once. Aaah, the joy of good ole’ economic bubbles.

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