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    Spot or Nubbs?

    I think S has a Noah complex and is in the process of building an arc. He can’t stop himself from getting the animal lovey blankies for G. And for fear of over-attachment to any one, we get our blankies two by two. We now have a menagerie of two frogs, two monkeys and as of last month, two giraffes.

    Our problem (S’ self-control aside) is naming our giraffes. Froggie 1 and 2 are named Franklin 1 and Franklin 2 (respectfully), the monkeys are Moonka 1 and Moonka 2. Yet, when it comes to the giraffes though we can’t agree. I like “Spot” for a name. S digs “Nubbs” on account of the nubbins on it’s head. We’re at an impasse, so we’ve agreed to let you decide for us. Here’s where you come in:

    [polldaddy poll=1687849]

    We have considered the compromise of naming one Spot and the other Nubbs, but Naah — too much of an opportunity for G to question why we have different names and then catch on to the doppelganger game. Besides… one of us has to be right ;p

    So pick already!

    4 responses to “Spot or Nubbs?”

    1. Katie says:

      What a cute Giraffe!!!

    2. Mel says:

      I voted for Nubbs. Spot sounds like a name that might be better suited for a different animal somewhere down the road. For example a leopard.

    3. Grammie says:

      I vote for Nubbs, spots make me think of a leopard

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