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    Sleep child!

    Oy! S2’s been having some not-so-great nights of late. Now, I know some families have it much worse off than we, but 4-5 wake-ups a night is no fun, and when someone at work tells you (more or less) that you look like cr@p, you tend to wanna draw the line somewhere.

    G spoiled us so much. He was a good sleeper, early on, and went through phases of wakeups only when he was sick or in a bad teething spell. S2 on the other hand? I’ve got no clue.

    To boot, his naps for the past month have been terrible as well. He used to take one great nap daily that was at least 90 min long. The rest were short, but he always had one good one to round it all out. Now? We’re lucky to see 30 min out of that child, and he’s even teasing us of late with 1 (that’s right. ONE) minute long naps.

    Worse still is bed-time. He wiggles himself onto his tummy. He’s mastered this skill now. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to get himself out of this predicament on demand, so he’ll roll over, and freak out. Bed-time is now a good almost hour-long process of just sitting by him, ready to flip him back over. And do this over and over, until he’s asleep for good.

    Yes, this is a phase. Yes, this too shall pass. Just not soon enough.

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