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    S2 walks… and now there’s proof

    At the beginning of the month S and I were greeted at daycare by several of S2’s teachers exclaiming that they saw him walking. He was close so I bought it, but it was awhile before he would perform this walking miracle for me.
    Then these past few days he’d take several steps on his own, but never predictably, never when asked to so it was hard to get proof. Until tonight, when I half drained my iPhone battery stalking him. So forgive the camera shake, but here’s unequivocal proof that I think we are now in the possession of another toddler.


    One response to “S2 walks… and now there’s proof”

    1. Mrs.Ziggy says:

      I think the fun really started with my two once Cooper could walk. Leveling that playing field made him so much more fun I guess. Enjoy!

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