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    From the mouths of babes

    We were in Trader Joe’s on Sunday on a very brief shopping trip. Since G was being a little fussy, S carried his car-seat, swinging, while I followed with the cart behind.

    Ahead of us in the pastas aisle was a little kid sitting in his mom’s cart. He was probably 3? Maybe 4? I’m still kinda bad at pinpointing kids’ ages, but based on his verbalization skills I’m going to stick by my assessment.
    So this little boy who had been looking at G in his car-seat for a little while decides to engage S in conversation. He looks up at S and asks:

    “Why did you want a baby?”

    I could tell S was a little taken aback by this question. It’s loaded for anyone (over 3 ft tall to ask), let alone that little dude. I couldn’t hear what S responded to him, but man do I wish I had.

    The little boy then followed up with an even better question:

    “Where’d you get him?”

    I was ready to start rolling on the ground laughing. S replied:

    “We made him!”

    The boy looked confused, and I’m glad S wasn’t about to get into the details of how making babies, or even how making our baby works. I wanted to reply “We got him at a baby sale at Babies R Us”, but at his age I don’t think he would quite have appreciated my sarcasm or wit… and I wouldn’t want his parents to be pressured to get him a sibling from a local baby sale anytime either.

    So yeah, high points to that kid. He was cute to boot! Makes me wonder what kind of questions will come from G in a few years.

    2 responses to “From the mouths of babes”

    1. Kelle says:

      be prepared! you never know what they will come up with. and dont think just because you teach them right, that they wont come up with something inappropriate from time to time.

    2. Mrs.K&C says:

      Ha! A friend of our’s son, who is 6, when he met S said “Did you buy her?” I said, “Hmmm, well, technically yes…” 🙂

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